"60 Days of Leapfrog Student Partnership Program Learning" Challenge Completed


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"60 Days of Leapfrog Student Partnership Program Learning" Challenge Completed

Finally, 60 days of leapfrog student partnership program learning challenge has been completed. In this blog, I am going to write about overall experience from this learning challenge.

At the beginning, the challenge seemed interesting, exciting. The participants had to learn daily for 60 days and tweet their learning in twitter. I had made twitter account but hadn't used it. So, it was finally time to use twitter account as well.

Beginning days were easy. I had many things i wished to learn. So, it was easy first few days of learning. I already had topics list, searched about it on google, practiced it and tweeted the learning on that topic. But, after 15 days, it started becoming difficult to find what topic or subject matter to learn. Then, I started to look for other topics like microservices, cloud computing, unit tests, etc.

During this challenge, I have also started my personal project again, which was already collapsed earlier. The project is about the motorbike sale management system named "bikeunleash". The backend is made using django, djangorestframework while the reactjs is used for frontend. Since the project hasn't been completed, the software hasn't been hosted. But soon, it will be live to the customers.

This challenge helped to learn more about the IT technologies, concepts, research on new topics. But more importantly, the challenge helped to set a habit learning everyday.

UPDATE: received the certificate of appreciation from Leapfrog Technology.