SXC Collabrains presents VALEDICTORY CEREMONY 2019-2021


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It was July 27th, 2022, the day for the valedictory ceremony 2019-2021 of past SXC Collabrains executive committee members. SXC Collabrains is the IT Club of St. Xavier's College located in Maitighar, Nepal. I am the newly elected president of the club. And today was the big day for me because this was my first time organizing an event.

It all started a week before the event. We (me & my core committee members) had just finished taking interviews for new executive members. There were 17 general members shortlisted for the interview. After the executive members were finalized, we met with our club moderator. Then we were told that there was this valedictory ceremony for ex-executive committee members remaining before the new executive committee could be confirmed.

So, the club's moderator told us to conduct a valedictory ceremony as soon as possible as things were getting complicated (ex-committee executive members were soon going to have their board examination for the final semester). It was a challenge for a new committee to plan, prepare and conduct the event within a short period, and not to forget not many of us were experienced in organizing events. But, we took this challenge.

First, we started with the planning phase. The Plan was to award the ex-committee members with Khaada, a certificate of appreciation, and a Token of Love. It seemed Easy at the beginning. But, things turned out a little messy. The team had only one designer. And, as being an IT club, we had to have our certificate and token of love design at best. But, the designer was busy with his day job. First few days, I was hopeful that he would manage to make designs on time. But, the designs were not finished till 2 days before the event. After the design has completed we had to give it to the press, and so was Token of Love getting delayed.

After seeing our condition, the club moderator taught me to lead the team instead of doing it all myself. It was true, only me, the vice-president and secretary of the new committee were trying to do all of the tasks. And we came to know, that it was not a good example of leading a club. So we had to change the strategy and finally lead the club. I called for the informal meeting regarding the event with the executive committee members. Then we started to divide tasks for every member of the executive committee. In this way, the load of work was distributed and the tasks were also completed soon.

The design works remaining were completed within the same day. All the emailing tasks were also done by the secretary. The designs were sent to Press the same day. The lunch boxes were also ordered. After the distribution of tasks, it seemed like the tasks were all completed sooner and more efficiently. Now, the only task that remained was to conduct the event tomorrow.

I had an internal examination. And, to be honest, I studied for only an hour in the morning (3 am - 4 am). During the examination, I was so tired from all the work done for preparing for the event, not enough rest. I was in pretty bad shape in the examination hall. Also, I had my mind only on the ceremony event, so I submitted my exam paper within 2 hours. I was the first one to submit a paper for the 6th-semester CSIT examination. Then, after leaving the examination hall, now I had to make final preparations for the event which was to be started at 11:15 am. So, we had only 2 hrs and 45 minutes for final preparations.

I gathered all the executive members and made sure the preparation was completed. I guess I was in Team manager mode, I made sure no one remained passive. I tried to utilize everyone to complete the remaining task. The decorations were handled by 4 volunteers, and the master of the ceremony was practicing on the podium. The decoration designs were in the final touch phase. The names of the recipient were written on the certificate, and the necessary equipment was carried to the event hall. It was quite a rush.

But, Thankfully, every preparation was completed. And, we were ready to conduct the event. The event started, and the event was going smoothly. And there was a time when the principal and administrator would give badges to new committee members. I was proud to receive the President badge. I was so happy. Then, we had a photo of new committee members, then the old committee members were awarded the khaada, certificate of appreciation, and token of love. The speech by the past president was short and sweet, and also the closing speech by our club moderator was great. After that speech, the event concluded. Then we had lunch, the lunch was also delicious.

I was so glad that I have become the president of SXC Collabrains for the tenure of 2022/23. Although now I have to become ready to face many new challenges in the coming days, I was glad we handled the valedictory event for the 2019-2021 committee smoothly.

In short, it was a new, thrilling experience. And I loved this experience, also I want to thank everyone who contributed to making the event success.