Hacktoberfest 2021 Experience


2 min read

I got all my 4 pull request accepted in this year’s hacktoberfest. I am quite happy to complete the challenge.

Actually, this was my first time participating in Hacktoberfest. Although I had heard about it previous year, I didn’t complete the challenge.

But this year, I was determined to complete it.
So first thing I did was signing up in the hacktoberfest site (github account is required to sign in). If you don’t have then you can create account in github.com

After signing up, the search for open-source project started.
As this was my first time contributing to open-source projects. I was quite in dilemma for which projects to find. My prefered tech stack is python. So I started to google for open-source project related to python programming language.

Many list of projects appeared. There were also some of other sites like awesome open source that helped to filter the projects. So with many list of projects appeared on my screen, made me overwhelmed. But, there is nothing to worry about. I said to myself, “there is still 26 days remaining, I will figure it out”.

So I started to look for beginner friendly github repos. And I found a repo for DSA learning. The repo was called “Algorithms”. I looked into this repo and found repo was about dsa and algorithms. And it had choice of programming language to do as well.

So I followed the steps of contribution file in the repo.
forked the repo, cloned the repo on the local machine, and started to write code in python and pushed it to github.
After that I created pull request.

And it also got merged. At that time I felt glad to contribute to opensource project.

Also the the hacktoberfest team had the merged PR held for 14 days as maturity time for pull request. All 4 PR passed the maturity time. And here I am happy with my ownself for contributing to opensource projects & completing hacktoberfest 2021 challenge.

The challenge worth the shot.